5 definitions by Cheeki von Breeki

A way of mocking spanish or italian speakers while saying bust as in referring to the male genitalia.
Adam: Hey Joe, have you seen the bustarooni recipe I sent you?
Joe: Yeah, but I couldn't nut enough times.
by Cheeki von Breeki January 2, 2020
Common slang used by straight, gamer women and men to request rough, primal, ball-slapping intercourse with each other.
by Cheeki von Breeki March 19, 2021
Often the sound emmitted by the tounge of males while using the shitter / restroom, used to push out giant logs of shit with more force.
Groga: Oh great, grug's taking a bit fat smelly shit again.
by Cheeki von Breeki March 28, 2021
Slang for ball-biting wet gay oral sex, used commonly by old-school male gamers
Bert: Hey Matt, wanna Hop on Half-Life Deathmatch?
Matt: Sure.
by Cheeki von Breeki March 19, 2021