Before you ejaculate, the female raises her hands in the form of a field goal and you try to score!!
After hooking up with this girl last night I went for the extra point and made it!!!
by Costa and Beto December 6, 2008
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When one person anals a Japanese girl in a shower who is wearing football pads.
I gave that chick an extra point last night
by tpain33 October 7, 2009
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When a chick is getting fucked from behind, and the man gets up, after coming, and then kicks her in the crotch from behind.
by Makis August 22, 2003
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When your banging a chick doggie style in a bathroom stall and right before you bust you seperate her legs and aim for the toilet bowl.
He slips it out annnnnnnd.....ITS GOOD!!!!! The Extra Point attempt works out to be a smart move.
by The Genious 12221 July 8, 2009
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(v.) slang for anal sex
He wasn't too sure he'd bust a nut, until she wanted him to block the extra point.
by TommyOkktane December 30, 2004
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