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Honey suckleing is when a man jizzes into another man's beard, the larger the better, and then that same man or any other man sucks it out of his beard by inhaling at the semen within his entangled beard hairs.

This is best performed by burly bear men with either flannel shirts or no shirts on out in the woods during or after chopping down trees, mountaineering, hiking or any other outdoor forest activities.
Josh and Aiden were out in the woods looking for trees to fell for their log cabin getaway location when Josh couldn't resist Aiden's firm ass flexing at every step in front of him on the trail.

After a sappy and sweaty forest floor pounding session Josh pleaded for Aiden to spray his manly load into his beard. Just as the final spurts hit Josh's beard a backpacker appeared from behind a tree and admitted to watching everything go down.

"Excuse me, may I suckle that honey from your beard?" Asked the backpacker.

Aiden and Josh were so startled that they agreed.

After the backpacker finished he exclaimed, "I haven't honey suckled so fine a beard in years."

"Nothing gets me instantly hard like some honey suckleing," said Aiden as he proceeded to bend over the backpacker and go at it again.
by Brawny Man April 24, 2013
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