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Noun: The ultimate praisal for the hottest babe you've ever seen. She must drink like an alcoholic but never act like one, never complain or show signs of negativity; ready to party at all times; ready to get down at all times. The superlative form of Honey baby.
(Can also be used as an adjective.)

Verb: To have the abilities of getting completely shitfaced or goosed without losing cool; using your beauty, cool, and goosing abilities to get whatever you want from anyone in any given situation.
(Inflected Forms: Honey suckling)

Synonyms: Sexy, goose, hot, chill, babe, honey baby, sweet

Antonyms: Honey Pickle
"Damn, did you see how much she has been goosing? What a honey suckle!"

"There are maaaaad honey suckles up in this joint tonight!"

"We gotta honey suckle the waiter and get those free chips!"
by Estherina419 April 23, 2007

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