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A very dedicated, person who's middle name is success. Has a lot of luck and is awesome with the ladies. He is not the best looking dude, but he has that charm that girls cannot resist. Used when a guy is being flirtatious or being good at what he does.

Synonym of Success.
Example one: Look at that guy, he is such a Homero with the girls.

Example two: That guy is going to be very Homero when he grows up.
by cool person who no one knows February 04, 2010
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A guy that can make anyone's day. He always has the desire to make everyone else's mood better, 1st than himself. An Expressive person, yet shy at times this guy isn't afraid to express himself at any moment. One of the smartest, funniest, and nicest guys you will meet in your life. A very nonchalant person most of the time, but can and will be hardworking if he needs to
Wow. I have never seen a boy so Homero.
by Unknown_2k17 April 12, 2017
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A bi- sexual individual/boring texter who doesn't like hanging out with his buddies and prefers to chill with his girlfriend. Someone who loves working at chicken joints and hooking his buddies up with a drink, but does not like to spend the night at his buddies house and claims that his father doesn't let him.

Homero: "I can't my parents said no."

Buddy #2: "Well can you chill with us tomorrow?"

Homero: "I am going to the mall with my girlfriend."
by Vir-g-eye-na August 22, 2009
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A Gay Male who pretends to be straight to aviod serious relationships with other men.
A contraction of Homo and Hetro. Started when Chris R. started getting pissed off saying guys where straight acting. Co-producer Peanut
Every single guy at santa margarita catholic high school in butt fuck OC
by ChrisR December 17, 2004
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