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the completion of the following sex acts during one day between a committed couple:
anal sex
oral sex

its purpose to promote wholesomeness through varied expressions of intimacy between two persons
Gabrielle: wanna Holy Grail this weekend?
Mark: oh yes, that sounds wonderful. we do have some weekend plans, though.
Gabrielle: yeah, true, we'll have to work those plans around Holy Grailing.
Mark: we always do!
by a. fort December 02, 2011

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An innocuous and playful way for a new couple to refer to the possibility of procreating. Using this term the couple can discuss the future, and can therefore feel closer to one another, but still use uncertain language to feel less emotionally vulnerable.
do you think of the plan to have a baby?

Gwyndelyn: hey! you can't call it that yet.
Alethaiden: Oh sorry, the non-plan.
by a. fort October 26, 2011

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n. a person who is sometimes overly sentimental in the provision of affection and endearment towards their partner.

They may not always be that way, nor is it necessarily a bad thing (although it is unbearable to others if witnessed).
Philemon: You're just the tastiest, butteriest, nommiest biscuit in the whole wide world, aren't you?

Baucis: No, *you're* the tastiest, butteriest, nommiest biscuit in the whole wide world.

Philemon: Oh, we're such mushballfaces. /butterflykiss

Hermes: d'omg, you two are insufferable.
by a. fort December 17, 2011

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