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N) a lie told about someone that puts them in a very bad light, most often used in political campaigns. The lie is generally VERY obvious as being a lie, and is a blatent attempt to distort the truth.
The latest Republican ad attacking Obama is total crucifiction.
by scottimack August 08, 2008
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Also Crucifixxxion
A Sexual position involving a woman/man ("Crucifie") whom will be "Crucified" being suspended above the floor laying in a traditional Christlike punishment pose (I.E. arms outstretched, legs straight- as if on a cross). Once suspended off the floor - Height varies but No less than 18 in. above. Leaving enough room for person to slide beneath. Usually done crotch pointed down, ass up (can be reversed). Once safely secured by guide wires "Nailed" to each wrist and the ankles, the crucifixxxion begins. One "Crucifier" slides beneath for access to the crotch/ass. Two now place their "Spears of Destiny" into a hand. One at the head - giving the "crucifiee" a last meal (as it were). That leave one of two potential options for the last person. This will be either the feet or ass/crotch. To take the ass, Suspend a person from ceiling to rest above the cross, not putting any weight upon the crucifie. This simulates floating like a spirit (holy spirit?) and using the momentum from the bottom persons thrusts, gives a weightless, effortless fuck (being suspended has perks but is hard to master). If the suspension method is not viable , whoever has the foot fetish takes point on feet and can lick, suck, fuck the feet to their hearts desire. Thus once everyone is in position the "crucifie" will receive their "crucifixxxion".

Note - 3 day follow up is recommended.
Me and my buddies are having a crucifiction tonight. - My boyfriend wants me to come over to his frat house and take part in a crucifiction. - Lets crucify this person! - My favorite thing is to be crucified.
by Johnny Bass March 14, 2019
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