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Immaculate Heart Academy

A very white all girls upper/upper middle class school in Northern New Jersey. The only private school that demands you chose them as first choice in order for them to even review your app. The girls are serious and competitive... EXTREMELY competitive to the point that they win first place in everything.... even bowling and z100 contests. It's where perfectionists from as north as Up State New York and South as Union County will come to get what is probably one of the best educations provided in the tri-state. These are the spoiled but independent girls who will still run to the bathroom and hike up their skirt/kilt, take down their hair and put on some glittery eye shadow when any sense of a man walks in.

It's a school that could raise the first female president as well as the next greatest porn star. Erin C Conation (U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness) & Mary Jane Clark (Author & CBS Journalist) graduated from here but so did Katrina Bowden (30 Rock) - Close enough.
IHA Girl 1: OMG I have a brand new BMW
IHA Girl 2: Well I have a newer one that's a convertible
IHA Girl 3: I have a custom made one thats convertible and I haven't even gotten my permit yet.
IHA Girl 4: Well I bought mine myself with the apple stock I purchased at 7 years old.

:::Bergen Prep boy walks in:::

All girls giggle and twirl hair.
by patootie smoothie April 25, 2013
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International Hookers Association

loud, crazy, fun, loving, best dancers around

IHA girls are the BEST girls
IHA girls do it best!!

locker break:

girl 1: move i want my cookies
girl 2: oh hell no give me my pretzel
girl 1: damn freshman took the last cookie

** total chaos **
by blue eagles September 24, 2007
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Purports itself to be a Catholic school, when in actuality is an institute for cosmetology. Top beauty school in the nation to learn the art of the "messy bun". Specifically focuses on the Neo-Grunge Movement, where dirty, unwashed hair is a style icon.
IHA Student 1: Girl, mah hair is a mess! I haven't used shampoo in a month!
IHA Student 2: That's not a mess - that's fab! Here, let me help.
( IHA Student 1 flips head over while Student 2 piles her hair on top of her head, taking care to leave thick strands hanging loose. She secures the "bun" with a ponytail holder. )
IHA Student 2: Gurl, yew be lookin' fiiiiine!
by girl with some fab hair August 05, 2008
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buy the domain for your foodie blog
The best Catholic girls private school in the tri-state area. IHA is number 1 in every sport they play and have cooler girls.
IHA Girl: Our school is so cool
AHA Girl: Yeah, too bad I got rejected...
by Anonymous! March 05, 2005
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I Have Accomplished Something.

1. Generally used when the speaker (or typer) has accomplished something of which they are proud of.

2. This can be used in a sarcastic manner as well. If you do something well that you find to be funny or strange you may use this short-form.
1. I just won an Oscar! IHAS.

2: I just maxed out my credit card... IHAS.
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I Hate Acronyms. Said whenever someone starts speaking in text speech...and you begin to miss normal English.
Donna: Omg I crtla, fml

Lindsey: Please stop talking. IHA.
by Dalai103 October 20, 2010
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