Any bittie who the normal man would wish is unreal or fake, due to actions that make the girl a joke.
That girl hooked up with a D-Chi, now she is at hologram status.
by Brad, Kurt, Cam August 30, 2007
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Ben: Josh & Lola was just talking shit about Alex .
Allie: Well duh they’re not even real people they’re both holograms.
by Okay okey June 8, 2018
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The pattern produced on a photosensitive medium that has been exposed by holography and then photographically developed.
The photosensitive medium so exposed and so developed. Also called holograph.
In other words..
It's plasma...that cant pass through matierals...but materials can pass through it
you'd have to have nothing at all blocking it
Dude! Did you hear about the new internet coming soon?? It will be made up of holograms!
by brittneyyxoxo April 17, 2008
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a person who adds nothing to nothing- contributes absolutely nothing to a conversation and has no personality whatsoever
Wow, you were being such a hologram I didn't even notice you were there.
by *starrrrxl October 16, 2008
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a hologram is something made up. it can also be used to describe someones father since they may lack a father figure in their life due to an unfortunate death or they “went to get milk” as well as as an insult against your friends
natalie: leah has no dad

leah: dude you literally met my dad

natalie: yeah but he’s a hologram you’re fathern’t

leah: zoes met him too

zoe: i saw water go write through him what is he jesus? it wasn’t even holy water smh
by simpingforyourmom March 6, 2022
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