Used to express an individual's boastful intent to outdo another person as an act of sport or competitiveness, expressed immediately after hearing about their achievement. Frequently used sarcastically or ironically.
Coworker 1: "Did you hear that Dan got fired for setting Mike's chair on fire?"
Coworker 2: "Hold my beer"
by AlexMA March 15, 2018
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Last thing you say before wakin up at the hospital
We were having a sick night yesterday and the last thing I remember is saying "Hold my beer and watch this".
by g1224 September 26, 2020
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The last thing you remember saying before you woke up in the hospital.
Drunk guy 1: dude that was so cool!
Drunk guy 2: I bet I can do that. Here, hold my beer.
by madmaninabox April 18, 2017
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1. (originally) The act of handing one's drink to another before attempting a dangerous stunt--that has never been before attempted; this often involves an element of stupidity.

Person: OMG, that guy just performed a perfect back three-and-a-half somersault pike dive!
Drunk: Pfft! That's nothing--hold my beer!

Drunk 1: No one's ever tried riding from the roof on a sheet of metal.
Drunk 2: Here. Hold my beer.

2. (online)
a. Video clips of people performing dangerous feats that they often immediately regret.

Anything classified as a fail is a possible "hold my beer" video clip.

b. (Twitter) An indication that, although events were awful, even worse calamities are about to present themselves.

2016: I've done my damage.
2017: Here. Hold my beer.
I can do THAT! Here, hold my beer!
by HowDidEyeGetHere October 25, 2017
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(1) The act of giving up one's alcoholic beverage temporarily to attempt a stunt he or she has never ventured.

(2) Ones personal death wish fueled by ignorance.
Person: "Omg that guy tight-roped Niagara Falls"
Drunk Guy: If you think that's somethin', just "hold my beer"

Person: Did he just do a double backflip?
DG: double backflip you say..hold my beer

Person: That guy just drank 30 beer
DG: Bitch gimmie my beer
by 3.1416 September 16, 2013
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When a person (redneck) says "hold my beer" you hold his beer with your left hand and with your right hand you hold your phone with the camera app open and 911 on speed dial and then you see what he/she does
Hey I can jump that "hold my beer".
by Lostinwarfare May 28, 2017
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A phrase that signals an imminent episode of drunken stupidity ending with injury whenever it is said.
I bet you can't jump down from here and land on your feet.
You're on. Hold my beer.

by sebacostamr December 27, 2018
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