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Belfast/Northern Irish word for "rummage" or "Find"
Me: Did you find that cd?
Billy: Aye, I'll have a Hoke for it now

Me: Give us a hoke at ye!!

Me: Give us a hoke at ur blurt (Northern Irish Slang for vagina)
by KingBIlly1690 May 11, 2009
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To go for a touchdown when all pussies think you should kick a FG
Michigan totally Hoked Notre Dame last night. What a game!

The Lions almost got Hoked before halftime against the Bucs, but the defense broke up the Bucs pass in the end zone.
by ILP929 September 11, 2011
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To chauffeur someone around, particularly an old lady, so that she can run errands. (Originated from the name of the black man, Hoke, in the movie Driving Miss Daisy.)
Man 1: Hey buddy, you wanna go golfing Saturday?
Man 2: I can't... I gotta hoke my mother to the hairdresser.
by Janet66 May 08, 2007
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A joke that it's intent is to make one laugh so great that it becomes a horrible joke. In other words,that akward long silence joke.
-John: I have alot of patience,but im not a doctor!

-Tom: Wow what a hokes.
by CanadianCredit March 21, 2011
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A complete goober. A southern version of a jersey shore idiot.

Generally dates other hokes.
Did you see those two hokes together at that party? They were lame, I bet they listen to soulja boy and make out.
by daniel daniel February 23, 2008
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