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This is a multiple partner sexual position, where there is one woman on her knees with a man in front and behind her.

The position resembles a pig being roasted on a spit.
We need to get that chick over here for a hog roast.
by the real Jadd May 22, 2009
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wen u tie a girl up and gag her then put her on ur pork pole and hook dat bitch up
wow man i hog roasted matt orth
by john john January 03, 2005
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You need at least 3 guys and 1 chubby girl. One guy is getting the girl from behind. The second guy is getting head from the girl. The two guys then start to spin the girl while the 3rd guy ejaculates on the girl giving her a nice glaze. The more glazers the better.
I got to help put my glaze on at the the hog Roast out behind the 7 eleven last night.
by Jason Neis April 06, 2017
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When you are having sex with a girl from behind, you reach forward placing two fingers (preferably middle & index) in her nostrils and pull her head back.. making a squealing noise as you do it !
The other night I hog roasted this chick !
by Jonws September 26, 2008
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