An extremely sweet guy who's always there for people.Cute and attractive .Stevans usually attract people by being there for them..But they tend to be shy and active at the same time which seems complicated.Stevans hold their friends in high regard and would never back stab them.. Everyone should have a Stevan as their friend
Alex:isn't that Stevan?
Brandi:Yeah...i know he's got my back
by nikki435lloyd56 January 14, 2014
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He is super sweet and very smart. He is amazing at whatever life puts in front of him. He usually has chocolate brown eyes and brown hair. He has a lot of musical talent and the only people who don’t like him are mean because they are jealous. He loves to play the drums and be annoying by showing off his talent. He is very loyal to his gf and likes to annoy his family by being funny. He has a lot of friends and he wants what everybody wants in life. He wants to share his amazing talent with the world. He is very handsome and he has a crazy ex gf, but otherwise his life is pretty great.
Girl 1: is that Stevan over there?
Girl 2: yeah. You would never have a chance with him cause he is already dating the prettiest girl in school.
by Yeemos_And_Sinners_Unite June 14, 2019
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A very crazy dude who needs attention from every girl he passes in order to suceed in life.
Girl: Hey look its stevan!
Other Person: Dont even start, you know he just wants attention to suceed in life.
by kaykaywhiteman December 22, 2008
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Stevan is a guy with a big dick he also loves noor ramzi so much and hes gay sometimes and is failing all his classes and hates b… yeha
Stevan has a big dick
by niggaballzligmaadhd May 9, 2022
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A lightskin guy who cares about his girl more than anything. Light green eyes and very funny . Smokes a lot and doesn’t care about what people have to say . He’s very handsome and is hilarious.
Girls: stevan is so cute
Stevan: I love my girlfriend only so bye
by donkey konggieeee August 26, 2019
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A person that showers 3-4 times a week during the coronavirus lockdown
Person 1: Isi doesn't shower that often since the quarantine had started
Person 2: She's pulling off a Dirty Stevan!
by BallSerbia April 22, 2020
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