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Hoed-in is a way of saying you're going to be snowed-in with a Ho, during a temporary time when there will be a significant snowfall, such as when a blizzard or snow warning is fore-cast for your area, over the weekend.

Although someone who's got no game can ruin the perfect opportunity -- usually being hoed-in is the antidote to cabin fever, as you plan ahead for the get together, once you already heard the fore-cast of snow conditions (harsh snow conditions which make everyone less inclined to be outdoors anyhow).

In theory a snowfall would last only a few days at most, and then the session would lead to a refreshing period of socio-spatial independence, much like lions in the wild, after a period filled with hours, and various rounds, of intense and repeated copulation.

Although most often used in advanced (based on a smooth game-planning skills), being hoed-in can be used in past-tense, however, to describe a weekend of surprise snow sex, even if it wasn't planned.

Usually, you plan to get hoed-in with someone you are fond of.

Being hoed-in can be used to refer to men or women, depending on various factors, such as the relationship, who's doing the game planning, and who is hosting the copulatory olympic session.
Friend 1: "Hey weather fore-cast is now saying up to 40 inches of snow this weekend, fuck, it's going to be a pain in the ass to shovel-out my car on Saturday."

Friend 2: "Naw. I can't wait for the snow. I'll be hoed-in this weekend. It can't snow enough."
by gggkkkaaakkk February 04, 2010
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