The way a white man would say she's a "hoe fo sho'".
Yeah Justin really is a hoe for sho.
by Joe K... July 23, 2006
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A female that is undeniably slutty, from the way she walks to the way she dresses. There are no doubts about her.
- "Hey Melvin, did you bang Jaunita last night?"

- "Damn straight nigga, she's a hoe fo sho."

by Melvin_Lover July 28, 2006
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Absolute, Absolutly, as sure as it would be to pull a hoe
Roomate1: Hey, did you remeber to shut off the coffee maker?

Roommate2: Hoes fo shos.
by SS JF January 22, 2013
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when a girl is so good at being a slut that you call her a pro hoe fo sho
dude ariel showed me like 80 new postions last night!! what a pro hoe fo sho
by xDJ x SKiZZ July 31, 2009
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