1. Cup of coffee with cum in it given to a woman after sex.
2. Cumming in your hand and then slowly dripping it onto the woman.
3. Slowly cumming in short quick bursts so as to drip onto the chick like when a coffee maker is almost done.
As soon as he was about to cum, Gary quickly pulled out and used the ol' coffee maker approach to give the girl a facial.
by JJLG November 13, 2007
So similar to your wife/husband. When you make the right decision you will be happy till the end, otherwise a nightmare. Eventually, there is a book written to help you make the best decision.

Read This Before Buying A Coffee Maker
You can't choose your parents but you can choose your kid's mother/father and your coffee maker.
by Dovagedy January 8, 2020
An act of cumming on a girls face, but before doing so, you slap a Super Mario mustache on her giving her a concussion, then proceeding to dump hot coffee on her, finally, you add your cream the mix
Bro I got with Tiffany the other night. We got back to my place and I threw her around like a muppet, busted her head open on the door, then i gave her the old Italian coffee maker, just to show her my heritage.
by Peeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn February 20, 2021
The old coffee maker is when a woman jacks a man off until he is frothing from his mouth then he places the froth into her pussy or anal cavity then eats it out
Dammm Curtis did the old coffee maker with gramme last night
by Trask u boy January 16, 2017
When you suck the poop out of someone’s butthole during sex and then spit it back out on top of them.
I gave her a Belgium Coffee Maker last night and she loved it. It was messy though.
by GabeRose May 31, 2021