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A unit used to measure the degree of a mass genocide. The typical conversion is 1 Hitler = 6,000,000 deaths.
for futher refrence stalin is rated at about 3 hitlers
by god of the interwebzytyt78u November 08, 2012
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A vegetarian who was rejected from art school twice. He is recognized as one of the most (if not the most) influential public speakers.
That hipster in Speech and Debater reminds me a lot of Hitler
by Kakhak December 24, 2010
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Hitler is well-known business man who's famous for selling mugs, t-shirts and magnets on
To buy hitler mugs, tshirts and magnets click on the orange link above.
by awesome dicktionary April 21, 2010
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Hitler is a German leader of Austrian descent, who failed his career as a painter and started the World War II in 1939, and besides 6 million Jews, he killed another 20 million people of various European nationalities, but nobody ever mentions of them.
Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf", a book where he presented his racialist ideas.
by Anteater17 January 27, 2006
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verb, to Hitler someone; ie, smudge poop on their upper lip, creating the illusion of a Hitler-style moustache. Usually performed while the victim is sleeping.
1) "Guess what I did? Wayne pissed me off, so I Hitlered him while he was napping."
by Serpent December 18, 2003
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Dictator of the Third Reich. Many people now a days consider him the epitome of evil, and, especially in the Americans' case, think that he still exists and is the only form of evil.
American: Hitler was so bad! He killed 6 million Jews and should die and should be punished and he was so evil he was the most evil man in the world and in history!!!!1111one11!!1

Educated Person: No, he killed no more than 23 million people, including Jews, Negros, Slavs, Communists, overzealous Christians, Homosexual's, and other political dissidents. Stalin killed at least 30 million, and Mao Zedong killed atl east 50 million. The Americans have killed at least 120 Native Americans. Hitler was NOT the most evil person in history. Why should we obsess over a deceased man when there is so much more evil in the world today?
by PINGAS September 23, 2008
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