At the end of smoking marijuana through a glass pipe, one might suck through the ash of the smoked marijuana where a whole forms showing the bottom of the bowl. This hole is known as "his ass"
I was ripping my bowl yesterday and it shit on me so i filled his ass up with green and continued smoking.
by Lord Peach December 5, 2010
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Some_nub: Man, this place sucks, I got touched by my celly last night.
Some_Black_Guy: In his ass!!!
by Deceptik0n July 12, 2005
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Fingers in his ass is a meme mainly quoted/said by Danganronpa fans on a site called tumblr or Danganronpa fans in general.
The sentence is usually associated with the pairing sansmaeda. There is also a thing called fingers in his all sunday. On Sundays people gather to appreciate the song fingers in ass and sansmaeda. On December 16th 2018, the day before tumblr's adult content ban fans of sansmaeda and fingers in his ass sunday celebrated what was called the "final" fingers in his ass sunday.

On july 17th, 2017 user named skeletortilla uploaded a video on tumblr that had Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa 2 and Sans from Undertale dancing together to a song called "ASSHOLE (Fingerfückung)" made by BotanicSage on youtube.
Kanye west he likes fingers in his ass
It's fingers in his ass sunday!
by Pupseus December 17, 2018
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Experiencing a difficult time, usually financially
Friend: Was that Ray? I haven't seen him in months.
Me: Yeah, he's really on the balls of his ass since he lost his job.
by Ned Hendershot March 19, 2014
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shoot him dead

This extends the toys of the child to the toys of the adult. The cap gun kids shoot each other with is non-lethal. Guns that gangsters kill each other with are hardly toys.
I's goin' ta cap his ass for commin' into my hood (neighborhood).
by chas November 25, 2003
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When one individual, preferably male, anally fucks another male's butthole.
C'mon man take his ass don't let him run!
by October 18, 2020
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Referring to an individual who is NOT janitor “Duc” at Keller Central High School.
*janitor who is NOT Duc walks into a room* “Oh my days! His ass is NOT Duc!!” patrick winslow sylvester said.
by KaiGKempferEsq. December 6, 2022
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