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Homosexual term for a man that is GAY, but pretends to be straight. Reference to Kellen Winslow, of the Cleveland Browns.
Look at Matt over there hitting on those chicks. He will end up going home with a dude tonight...he is such a Winslow.
by BrownsFan5 September 23, 2007
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1. A large, bald, African-American Police Officer. A reference to Carl Winslow, of Family Matters.
2. To be busted by a Winslow
1. Did you see that Winslow take down that heroin junkie?
2. I just got Winslowed driving 60 in a 35 zone.
by DefenderofFuture July 10, 2008
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Originated from the the T.V. Sitcom, Family Matters, Winslow's is another for Police because like on the show, the father (Carl Winslow) plays a Police officer during the show, making the name, "Winslow's" a perfect nickname for the Fuzz.
Guy A: "Hey man you see these cops checking us out?"

Guy B: "Yea these Winslow's better learn to keep on rollin when coming through here BIOTCH!"
by Michael Knight Michael Knight January 24, 2011
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An artist or painter, someone who is creative, and enjoys the arts; music, painting, dancing etc.
Derived from Winslow Homer.

Someone who is relaxed and Generally Chill;
A reference to Winslow Arizona in The Eagles' hit song "Take it Easy".
Did you see how he performed! He's obviously a Winslow.

Let's sit back and relax like this is Winslow.
by DARKCORE December 05, 2013
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