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One who brags about having ridiculed hipsters before ridiculing hipsters was cool.
A Hipstercrit might say: "I kneeewww hipsters were so uncool before anyone else even knew what a hipster was. That is so over."
by Bzzzd February 04, 2012
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A person who when called a hipster, denies the plain facts.
Person 1: Neon orange goggles? But you're not an aviator, or a raver.
Person 2: No guys, they're clever and ironic.
Person 3: You're such a hipster.
Person 2: Noooo guys. I'm funny!
Person 1: You hipstercrit.
by phonecrispy September 02, 2010
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A trendy person who jumps on bandwagons just to be popular. Ie a vegan who wears leather or any animal products.
Him: Vegans who wear leather boots and hats don't make sense bro.
Me: Dude that's so Hipstercritical
by Rad Scientist September 24, 2018
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