Someone who criticizes Nike for their labour practices and then buys an iPhone.
Alice: I refuse to buy Nike shoes, they're overpriced and they use child labour.

Bob: Alice you hipstercrite, you have an iPhone which is also overpriced and made by child labour.
by Luke B May 29, 2013
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A person who is both a hipster and a hypocrite. This person likes to put up the appearance of being progressive, radical, artistic and/or bohemian. However, they don't really adhere to the principals they want people to think they espouse. For instance, a hipstercrite could say they hate George Bush because he doesn't care about poor people or minorities, and yet at the same time live in an expensive condo that gentrifies the surrounding poor minorities' neighborhood, ultimately driving housing costs up and existing communities out.

Hipstercrites do not understand that their own actions conflict with their supposed political and social opinions. Mostly, they hold these opinions to be trendy.

Hipstercrites are often young people in college or fresh out of college who are living off their parents' money.

Other examples:

Wearing an outfit that appears to be from a thrift store, which actually cost hundreds of dollars at Urban Outfitters.

Living in a condo in East Austin that your parents bought for you as an investment.

Traveling to countries and feeling proud of their travels. Again, the money for these travels and their lifestyle comes from their parents.

Participating in an unpaid internship yet not having a job.
Person A: "Elena really is doing a lot for society! She works for a non-profit and gets to travel all the time."

Person B: "Nah, she's not doing shit for society. She's just a hipstercrite."
by JuliaHatesHipsters June 19, 2008
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A play on the words Hipster and Hypocrite. A hipstercrite is a hipster who often contradicts his own well thought out, yet pretentious ideals (although, they sometimes see this as 'ironic' rather than hypocritical) Examples include:
1. Jude just finished blogging about how Big-market Corporations are taking over America and weeding out smaller businesses. He then closed his Mac Book Pro and finished drinking his Starbucks coffee.
2. India claims to have loved the band Foster the People, and at one time thought she was their biggest fan. However, with their recent VMA nomination for Best New Artist, she thinks they're too mainstream and now suck.
Hipster: I'm an original thinker. I go against the mainstream.
Intelligent person: You're such a hipstercrite. Intentionally going against what's popular and current to fit in with your hipster crowd makes you a follower, not and original thinker. Why not just be yourself?
Hipster: Being myself is too mainstream.
Intelligent person: Yeah, I thought you'd say that.
by WigglyJiggleJigglyWiggle September 1, 2011
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Someone who claims not to be a hipster, mocks others for being hipsters, but is in fact themselves a hipster. This usually applies to all hipsters as it a very rare hipster indeed that will admit to being a hipster.
After Bob rolled his eyes at the entire menagerie of kids at the bar, he then proceeded to order a PBR, thus confirming my suspicion that he is a total hipstercrite.
by Shanetrain3000 March 19, 2013
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Referring to a person who is both a Hipster and a Hypocrite.
Rob is a Hipster and a Hypocrite. What a Hipstercrite!
by sje0123 May 20, 2008
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Mix of a hipster and hypocrite.
Somebody who pretends to dislike certain types of music music, because it's 'too mainstream, but inevitably changes their mind. Their excuse is normally: 'it's catchy lol'.
Klesta: urgh, I don't know why that 212 song is so popular, it has no depth or meaning. Just commercial bullshit, man. What is happening to our generation?

*two weeks later*

Klesta: that 212 song isn't that bad. It's catchy lol.

Angel: what a hipstercrite
by princessofchina June 27, 2012
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The combination of a Hipster and a Hypocrite. The kids who won't pay for local shows, yet bitch and moan about the lack of music scene. Whores, bros, douche bags, scene kids, they're all hipsters. Pretty much anyone nowadays from 16-24 involved in the local music scene (that isn't in a band).
The show tonight would've been sold out if it wasn't for all the fucking Hipstercrites in the area.
by anthonyacheron August 23, 2010
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