Someone whos main goal in life is to spread peace, love and happiness wherever they go.
by bohomix May 12, 2014
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A hippie is someone who promotes peace, love, and understanding. A hippie is not necessarily someone who uses drugs. In fact, quite a few hippies I know, myself included, have started a campaign against drugs.
A hippie is also someone who recognizes the problems we have and protests to change them. Instead of labeling these people as evil and wanting to force the population to do what they say, we should open our eyes and see that we are not perfect.
Person 1- Hippie! Your house probably smells like drugs.
Person 2- I don't use drugs. Thats not what hippies are all about.

Power to the people!
by musicfan62 March 17, 2009
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Each hippie can be different, stand for different things. Usually people willing to learn, help others in feeling good about themselves, doesnt shadow or hide their "non mainstream" desires, comfortable with everyones sexuality, Doesnt judge so much, promotes loving and peace. Hippies usually look at the bigger picture of Human beings, seeing things as a whole. Some are vegitarian, some not. Usually has alot of faith in individual people or humanity in general. Stands up for their beliefs without disregarding others feelings. Not pussys', i know many hippies that can tear some shit up. They dont dress a certain way (in a whole, similarities vary) and just do what they want because they believe its free, and we are people. Loving to be intouch with nature, usually really spiritual but not exactly religious.

Being a hippie is not about the way you dress, the drugs you do, its about the mentality you have.

Hippies are usually calm and understand others feelings. They discuss ideas and are usually against most things the government does (which doesnt mean we dont love our country).

There is 1 difference between most hippies. The ones who do drugs, and dont.

Dont do drugs: Believe in all the same things, but may not think drugs are good because your body is a temple.

Do drugs: Believes all the stated above but believe that "your body is a temple" Therefore it should expierience mind alterations to expand the mind.

Basically, hippies vary. They are good fun people to be around and mostly send out good vibes and are optimistic
i smoke alot of pot and take alot of shrooms, and believe in non-judgement, humanitary rights, and love. I AM A HIPPIE
by SmokeAload July 12, 2008
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An old man or woman from the 60's. Enjoys smoking pot and wearing odd multi-color t-shirts. Insists that world peace can be achieved, when it is such a far-fetched and unattainable dream. In other words, a fucking moron.
"Damn Harvey, look at that group of hippies over there. Their dropping their marijuana on the crops. Wanna run them over with the truck?"

"The group of hippies protesting in Washington D.C. had on so many tye-die t-shirts, the general populace was immediately blinded when looking at them."
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
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A reference to one of the following:

1. Lazy Ass
2. Pothead
3. Failure who spends his time talking about nonsense and contributes nothing to society.
" You damn Hippie! "

" That man's a hippie "

" Get the hell out of my house you damn hippie! "
by Bill Abnovsky August 26, 2006
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Not necessarily like those which were around in the seventies (in vans taking drugs),but actually cares about the environment around them and just hopes for the most peaceful outcome.

/Info provided by a true hippie/
Grace- Look at that hippie she must be a druggo.
Liz- no she cares about the environment you turnip.
by marine biologist January 10, 2015
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a smelly, useless child of a bygone era that fostered in the loony liberalism that is currently eroding the United States of America to disasterous effect. Common attributes include: laziness, drug addiction, cowardice, a general lack of sanitary vigliance, Utopian ideals at the expense of logic and reason and a sort of general aimlessness that angers and perplexes hard working, patriotic realists to no end.
whats that smell? oh yah it's that acid casualty hippie who Bill hired who never works, doesn't bathe and worships Barrack Obama for no apparent reason.
by truth fan June 12, 2009
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