That guy you can not stop thinking about. He drives you insane with his eyes and his hair that falls or sways just right. He makes you smile. Makes you sad too. You think he doesn't care when he claims he does. He makes you pull your hair out but he can also calm you down in the most ragged situation.
"Who are you thinking about?" "Him"

"Whats wrong?" "Nothing" "Was it him?" "..Yes..."
by arcticfox.117 January 02, 2017
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Powerpuff Girls' counterpart of Satan. The show hides it by naming it "Him" (Hence, the name) They call the demon "Him" instead of Satan due to children watching it, so they are censoring it, and if they really named it Satan or Lucifer, they will get a strike from parents of the kids who watch it.
It's Him! The creature that is feared by all men.
by DaemMetallion October 01, 2011
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pn. pronoun that refers to a male.
Sumbuddy: wy iz dis red stuf al over me sirt?
Guy: You were stabbed by him in the chest.
by Ken R. November 22, 2004
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A Finnish Metal Band that Rocks!
Not to be confused with the HIM from Chicago that does NOT rock.
Razorblade Romance is a MUST in any respectable Metal collection.
by SFGIRL February 02, 2005
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this deffinition is Plain,Simple,Short and Sweet....."THE BEST BAND EVER!!!"
just listen to any of thier albums...Greatest Love songs Vol.666 is my favourite album and Gone With the Sin is my favorite Song.Not that its that easy to pinpoint any piece of thier art specifically,its all beautiful.but thats my personal preferance.
by Erin February 22, 2005
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Suposed homosexual porn movie about the life of Jesus Christ compared with a nameless contemporary man and their shared sexual tastes. Hotly sought-out and marked for destruction by the Religious Right, in reality there is NO SUCH MOVIE!!!
Rumours of such a movie have been circulating since the early 1970's. Said rumours were probably started amongst the Gay community for sole purpose of annoying the Moraly Indignant, and there was even a false review of it in a book about the "golden turkeys," aka the worst movies ever made. This, of course, only served to strengthing the Religious Right's resolve to find-and-burn!! It's review in said book of "golden turkeys" was actually part of a reader contest to find the one fake movie amongst the real "stinkers."
Despite endless (and fruitless) searches --and the truth being held in their collective faces-- certain members of the Religious Right still continue their sacred mission to find-and-destroy this non-existant movie!
Bill: "Hey, man. You here about that gay-porn movie called "Him?" Some pretty freaky sheet happens in it!"

Tom: "Calm yourself down before you ruin your shorts. There is no such movie. It's all just a rumour going 'round."

Bill: "Really? Then what the hell was that video I was watching last night!?"

Tom: "You STILL have home video of my 16th birthday party!?"
by Carl J. Maltese April 29, 2007
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