An ugly, narcist, self-absorbed, annoying, fat, annoying, universally-disliked, fake-Socialist bitch who constantly shuns people, gives them dirty looks, has an equally revolting boyfriend, goes against the general consensus to piss others off, trashes people after using them, makes out with a bunch of drunk guys at parties, and has a horrible fashion taste, albeit posting numerous hideous selfies with designer stuff. Plus, she walks like a lesbian and enjoys cropping people out of selfies.
Kourtney: Hey guys!
Kim: OMG Kourt, that bitch just threw major shade at me on Instagram! I'm unfollowing her hideous face.
Kourtney: Yeah, HIM is such a bitch.

Khloé: GUYS! That bitch just ignored me after I said hello!
Kris: That bitch didn't like my latest status!
Kendall: That bitch just cropped me out of her selfie, AND posted it on Instagram!
Kylie: That bitch totally flirted with my boyfriend last night!

Kourtney: I guess you've all been victims of HIM and her despicable {himness}
Khloé: Yeah, what a fucking ugly bitch.

Kim: At least we're famous and liked by many people.
Khloé: Up top my main hoe! No Hims allowed here!

Kris: Amen to that, and thank fuck.
by 3whore5u April 01, 2016
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"His Imperial Majesty" (Ethiopia King Haile Selassiae). Usually used in the rasta patwa, he's the king of kings, the lord of lords, the conquering lion of the 12th tribe of Judah
Give praise to H.I.M., rastafari is the almighty, blessed love
by dniepr January 27, 2006
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a neato rock band that bam margera likes and has a heartagram as a logo
him fucking rocks they are cool
by yeah im cool April 08, 2005
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GREATEST finnish band EVER........they rock all socks of and are great performers.....they also know bam margera and are his drinking buddy...and linde laser rocks
God did you see the H.I.M show last night i rocked
by H.I.M December 04, 2005
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The finnish rock n' roll band that originated Heartagram (popularized by Bam Margera). there deeply melodic and meloncholy vocal(suplied by Ville Valo) are perfectly off set by a hard rock/metal guitar solos(contributed by Lily Lazer/Linde Lindestorm/Daniel Lioneyeits all one guy, he just has 3 names) and hormonized by amazing perrcusion(Gas) beautiful piano/keyboard(Burton) and bad ass bass(Mige). H.I.M. is short for His Infernal Magesty
H.I.M. is responsable for the songs;
And Love Said No...
Join Me In Death
and Poison Girl
by ZiM XIII July 29, 2005
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HIM is a Finnish band who have created the genre of "Love Metal" to describe their unique sound. Their music is sometimes slow, sometimes heavy, but always melodic and full of heartfelt lyrics. Unfortunatly, HIM has been popularized amoung jackass teenagers by skater Bam "fucking douchebag" Margera, but they are still truely amazing.
HIM is the best band on the face of the earth.
by <3 your pain is not love March 26, 2005
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HIM is my favorite band. Ville Valo is quite talented, and Gas, Linde, Mige, and Burton are all respectable as well. Their songs, as repetitive or bad as many of you would say, are meaningful and good. And on the acronym thing; VALO SAID HIM DOES NOT STAND FOR ANYTHING. IT IS NOT HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY OR ANYTHING ELSE!!
Your Sweet Six Six Six
Beyond Redemption
Sigillum Diaboli
The Sacrament

Some of my favorite HIM songs.
by Sephiroth March 03, 2005
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