When you can spit the sweetest game and talk your way out any situation.
Joe: "Mike cheated on that breezy like four times already and she's still payin his bills!"
Luck: "Dat's cuz that's fools got a mouth piece homie."
by NDNpimptress January 14, 2007
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a piece of cardboard from a pack of cigarettes rolled up and stuffed into the bigger end of a blunt. Stops particles from flying into your mouth, AND gives optimal smoke flow.
1.) You want me to put a mouth piece in this shit?
2.) Take that fuckin mouth piece out dude! The weed almost gone!
by Nigga Dee January 7, 2009
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the end of a blunt,joint that is rolled smaller and making it asymmetric.... jb patent mouth piece
*========> or *====\ = mouth piece
by tetsuo01001 April 22, 2009
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My boy is facing 20 years to life…. He better get himself a good mouth piece!!
by Badboykilla April 26, 2022
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Knows how to talk their way in.
He's got a good mouth piece, he can get whatever he wants by talking his way in.

He talks big.
by Breeze's Koi February 3, 2012
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a girl or a guy that you have had relations with, who goes around telling their friends of how good you really are in bed...
man, I got two mouth-pieces right now...
by Full Court* February 5, 2021
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