Used to describe something that is so amazing and classy.
Person 1: “Hey have you tried this new beer? It’s high tea
Person 3: “oh wow I’ll have to try!”
by Tinomurino December 23, 2022
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It's when you soak weed in hot water and drink the water to get high.
Dude, want to come over to my place and drink some high tea?
by itshightime August 14, 2011
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When you skip out of work on an afternoon break and tea bag a homeless vagrant for $5 in beer money.
Carl you are late again from your afternoon break. This cannot continue.

I'm sorry. I had Sarasota High Tea this afternoon and it took a little longer than expected. The dude had no teeth so it felt really good.

Ok well that's a legitimate reason. I won't write you up.
by Eaton Holgoode October 29, 2015
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(n) the wrinkle that develops on the forehead when meetings encroach on your afternoon snack break.

So called due to the Victorian England tradition of a late afternoon "high tea" and toast after hours of labor.
Cynthia had developed a high tea wrinkle after our strategy meeting went over by 30 minutes.
by nolandc August 30, 2019
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A Dagwood dog and hot chips, enjoyed by motoring enthusiasts at a dirty speedway track and usually washed down with a coke. Seen as the height of culinary delight for a dim witted go fast fan.
Hey darl, grab us a speedway high tea I’m fucking starving oh and don’t forget the tommy sauce.
by Stingrayjocks March 20, 2021
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Joe Bloggs to his friend: "You should see this YouTube channel video about some womans clarinet practice.
Joe bloggs friend: "What's it called; the channel?"
Joe bloggs: "Virtual High Tea coffee n cakes and a bit of Clarinet Chit Chat".
Joe Bloggs friend: "Cool."
by Usebleach January 17, 2021
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