A hole in someone's chest. Quite a few people have it in Planedge Highschool. Also known as pectus excavitum.

H.I.C. Hole In Chest
Michael Guido or Louis Iadanza have a H.I.C.
by Kozma January 18, 2013
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Basically an insulting slang word for people of Hispanic origin. Be careful who you use the term around.
Juan: Bruh ain't no way imma be walkin past some hic.
Mary: Every time I walk past some group of hics they always whistle and flirt to me in Spanish.
by Edp420 December 21, 2020
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Typically used to describe someone who has a strange kink, usually associating with fanfiction of the popular multiplayer game, among us
Yo that guy's real hi-c, I heard he even likes bdsm
by Juju ツ June 24, 2021
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