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This is when you nearly hiccup, but instead of "cupping" you burp instead.
This usually occurs after after a post-meal smoke.
You have a meal, then go for a ciggarette. Normally after the first puff you experience the "hic-burp".
And the more you try to stop it from occuring, the worse it gets. And don't even try to speak.
Person 1:
Hey man what do you think of the new Star Wars?

Person 2:
Its cool except... (puffs on ciggie).."Hic..."
"Hic-Burp! "...oh, excuse m..."hic.......BURP!"

Person 2 :
Ha. You got the hic-burps!!!
by Phil k May 25, 2005
1/ not to be confused with "twain towers", a research institute dedicated to the study of the life and times of Huckleberry Finn

2/ Also not to be confused with the string superstore located in new hampshire see Twine Towers

3/ Not to be confused with the second Lord of the Rings movie see overhyped shit

4/ Formerly the worlds tallest building, now renowned as being the most expensive hole in the ground ever created.

5/ an example of how NOT to land an aircraft (unless you hate americans) see rest of the world
"aim for the one on the left mohammed, don't worry if you miss, there are two of them"

"excuse me sir, do you have a copy of Microsoft flight simulator with the Twin towers in, dont worry about the landing, i just need to know how to take off."

"excuse me maam, do you know the way to Twine towers? I need a new shoelace. for my shoe-bomb"
by Phil k May 4, 2005
The epitome of a city. i.e lots of people crammed into a small space, all of whom are competing to kill, rob, maim, eat each other.yes, i have been there. and it made my asthma worse. How many people do you see wearing a " i love Asthma" t-shirt.
A good a reason as any to smash a jumbo jet into a tower.
"New York, New York. So good they hit it twice...with airplanes laden with aviation fuel"

"i once bought weed in washington square, i got ripped off"

"The big apple...if you can imagine an apple with 3000 dead bankers throwing themselves out of the window."
by Phil k May 4, 2005
1/ The worst way of getting a murdered corpse to its dump site.

2/ a long car
"dude lets not take the bus this corspe aint getting any fresher"
by Phil k May 4, 2005
In a pickup game of football amongst friends, the better of the two teams is known as Team Hang Out With Your Wang Out. The other team is then relegated the name Team Rock Out With Your Cock Out, which is not bad either, but not quite as good.
"Alright, we got Andy AND W, plus Phil. I decree us Team Hang Out With Your Wang Out. Ya'll can be Team Rock Out With Your Cock Out. We get ball first."
by Phil k March 24, 2005