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Heterosexuality is the quality or characteristic of being romantically, and sexually attracted to the opposite sex or gender. Heterosexual men are attracted to women, and heterosexual women are attracted to men. Heterosexuality is the most common sexual orientation in the world among humans, and animals(female animals and male animals being attracted to each other). People who are Heterosexual are referred to as "straight".

Heterosexuality is the basis of civilization due to the fact that it leads to procreation, and reproduction.
You and I would not exist without Heterosexuality.
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by LifeIsPrettyGood April 12, 2019
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The quality or characteristic of being sexually attracted solely to people of the opposite sex.

Statistically, the vast majority of human beings at any one point in history are heterosexual.

Only Heterosexual sex can lead to the creation of new human beings.
I wouldn't be alive without Heterosexuality. As a matter of fact, none of us would be alive.
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by Legit Muscle Head July 01, 2019
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Is not real. Doesn't exist. Unnatural. Just a phase. Don't let the internet brainwash you into thinking you are one of them. It's commonly referred to a sort of unusual mutated species known as 'the heterosexuals'. They are known to breed and make tiny spawns of the devil, aka kids which is disgusting as hell. Anyone who is heterosexual must go to hell (God's words not mine). Heterosexuality is a threat to our society and therefore should cease to exist. #banheterosexuality2k20
Kim Seokjin: Ban the straightz!!!Criminalize heterosexuality!!!
by The Gay Sprite October 05, 2020
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It is a recognised illness in many countries. Highly contageous. People suffering from heterosexuality try to push their beliefs into normal people.
Person 1: "Marcus is not coming to school today, he has heterosexuality"
Person 2: "OMG I wish he gets normal soon, otherwise we will have to sacrifise that dirty breeder to satan"
Person 3:"Yeah let's do that now. He doesn't deserve basic human rights. Fucking hetero!"
by Izaroo December 20, 2020
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Heterosexuality refers to sexual, and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of opposite genders. It is characterised as a sexual orientation, contrasted with homosexuality and bisexuality. see heterosexual.In slang straight is a mid-20th century gay slang term for heterosexuals.
''Heterosexuality love between two individuals of opposite genders''
by sweet jesus July 04, 2006
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