It means actually; in fact, in reality, in truth, as it happens, believe it or not, to tell the truth, in actual fact, in point of fact.
-Yes, As a matter of fact , I have started reading my copy of Harry Potter..

-Well, As a matter of fact , I was going to ask your permission to..
by Joud October 17, 2013
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A way of saying something in such a way that emits a sense that you are sure of yourself.
He spoke in a very matter-of-fact tone.
by Matt the genius March 23, 2008
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When someone speaks, acts or performs around others in a way that assumes the other people already know the basics. This can be fine for all parties involved, but it can also be considered rude, depending on what the subject matter is and who's receiving it.
A friend invites you over for dinner with his family. During dinner, the relatives start talking endlessly about Mortimer's problems. You keep thinking: "Who the fuck is Mortimer?" and no one at the table has the courtesy to explain to you who Mortimer is. The family was speaking "matter of factly" about some loser named Mortimer.

Snottrah: Do you want to come back over for dinner?
Perphenalia: Nah. Last time I was there everyone started talking matter-of-factly about some prick named Mortimer and I sat there like an idiot.
Snottrah: Oh, sorry. Mortimer's my meth addict uncle. We disowned him a couple of years back for holding himself at gunpoint and carjacking his own car.

Why is the professor talking so matter-of-factly about That's because you missed the first two classes, genius.
by not for nothing September 1, 2018
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1. Describing intense and unfathomable awesomeness embodied within a human being. See Samuel L. Jackson or Bruce Willis

2. Used in conjunction with a verb this word shows how intense and cool a look or action was.
1. 'Samuel L. Jackson is so Matter-of-Fact'

2. 'That guy had such a Matter-Of-Fact look on his face'
by ludakrys April 24, 2006
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You don't understand that its matter of fact and you're too black to care.
Matter is fact, make that a combo
by Meatcraftrabator March 13, 2018
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Matter fact, you should take four B
And think before you fuck wit lil skateboard P (Williams Pharrell, Drop it like it's hot)
by His Imperial Diddyness September 10, 2006
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