In spanish it means beautiful...but in englsh it describes a person who is not only beautful but quite possibly the most amazing person on this planet! She's definitly the coolest person I've ever met. :)
Salamander Spitzack is VERY hermosa. Let me see if i can describe her, hmmmm...if i were to rate her from 1-10, she'd be a 10...00000000000000000000, ect! :)

I'd put her pic here but then im afraid i'd have to fight off billions of guys (mayb girls) who want what i got. lol. ;)
by Arod283 August 17, 2006
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An Indian snack who peaked in middle school and is now broke addicted and clinically depressed
Bella: Have you met Hermosa?
Linda: don’t even talk about her she is dead to me
by Deadontheinside12345 January 30, 2020
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