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To live as a loner, by choice or not, despite the presence of other options; for spiritual reasons or other reasons; to spend time away from people to read, write, introspect, gain knowledge, learn about self, learn lessons from the past, learn about life. Sometimes it can be the result of a trauma or depression, too.
"I've already spent a lot of time hermitting about you. Had a lot to learn from this poking and questioning, but I think I covered most of the You question now."

For example, when you get dumped by a loved one, you'll often question yourself for a long time about what happened that caused the failure. Sometimes when you really want answers, you'll tend to avoid noise and people. This is what I call "hermitting". This behaviour can get compared to that of a hermit, because the person rather spend time alone, to think, than with people having fun and socializing.

Sometimes, after a major turn in life, hermitting can be a necessary phase of "digestion of events" before being able to move on.
by Arsenic Queen February 05, 2010
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Doing nothing. Sitting around your house doing nothing but watching TV or on the internet. Avoiding actual social activity other than the internet. Going out and doing something is usually an option, but you prefer being a loner. The act of hermitting is usually done in what is known as a hermie hut.
'What ya doing?' "Not much really, just hermitting."
by ImHurrAndFancy July 12, 2011
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To act alone; To sit on a computer for hours and never see the light of day; To be forever alone
He is still hermitting on the computer and it is 4:00 A.M.!
by Auburn_Ashfire January 01, 2012
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Verb for the word Hermit,
The act of being alone, with no social life and being married to either YouTube, league of legends or other computer entertainment
This girl is hermitting today because of the weather.
by Hermitt badger November 09, 2015
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