Heris is a nice person. She's funny smart beautiful and the coolest and most amazing girl you'll ever meet. If you are ever lucky enough to date one you should never let her go. The reason being that that they are very rare and one of a kind. Side effects of being near her include uncontrollable happiness a distinct feeling of being unworthy and or undeserving of her company and a disbelief that someone this amazing could even exist.
mom : - hey you should be like Heris,she's like perfect :3
mom : - hey you should be like Heris,she's like perfect :3
by meowunicorn February 9, 2014
One word, gender non-specific third-person singular possesive pronoun for English. Use instead of his/her. Pronounced "her-is" or "harris".

Cf. heshe, herim
How is it that everyone has heris own monkey-shaver?
by Hawkeye Parker February 26, 2007
Amazing person who is fun to mess around with. Heris talks in a strange but awesome high voice which should always be praised, not insulted. She should never be mistaken for an "annoying" or "mentally challenged" girl. So try to be a Heris. Just try. I dare ya.
Heris whacked a dude with a stick.
Heris talked to me and treated me with lots of respect.
by randomperson79846 June 21, 2014
When you remove two letters from your name your first and last and end up with that....
Sara : are you doing the tik tok trend again?
Me: yes ... i got HERY !
by Niorobe October 3, 2020
"Respect, power
kush, sour
haze, heri,
pills, powder"
Jadakiss--Respect My Conglomerate
by patronstoned September 8, 2009
King of kings, God of all God just but merciful. Will not bend to the common man, stren in his word and quick to strike all those that appose his word as HIS WORD IS LAW !
Guy: oh no here comes HERY
Other guy: Oh please merciful HERY do not strike us
Hery: Bend the knee
by Hateful8 November 23, 2021
He loves to say the n word. He hates someone named Sharif. His cousin is Riley. He also loves to date 14 year olds. Riley pass me the mats
dont be a heri
heri ragged quit
by Lil Mozart March 6, 2019