Henny is a slang term commonly encountered in rap, referring to Hennesey cognac.
"I take a sip of that 'gnak, I wanna fuck
...hypnotic for Henny, now nigga that's a chaser"
-Kanye West's "We Major", off the album Late Registration.
by Scotto P January 13, 2008
a slang word for Hennessy cognac, alcohol. The word is commonly used in rap songs.
"Last week, you got with Billy
Before that it was Jack and Timmy
Then I got you back with Jenny
It doesn't really count,
I drink jack and henny"

-Down with Webster, Cross the Line
by DWWFAN101 December 19, 2011
A Hennie is an amazing friend and person. Above average intelligence. Loyal. Leaders. Protective. They are the crème de la crème.
That person is so amazing, he must be a Hennie
by Human,yo May 18, 2019
Slang word for the French Hennessy Cognac.
"You going one on one with Vinnie Paz, the chubby ginny with a mini mag, gimme HENNY, slimmy bag" - Pretty Little Whores by Outerspace, feat. Vinnie Paz
by phuckphaze March 30, 2010
Noun meaning a massive blunder or poorly judged action. A real cock-up!
He made a real Hennis of selecting a title for the Community Thread.

I thought he was going to do a good job but he made a complete Hennis of it!
by Hector Chong June 22, 2005
Hennie is The most beautiful person you ever gonna meet. If you ever fall in love with an Hennie you are very lucky, she have The greatest body every girl wont, she is very frendly bit people get jealous because she is so perfect, just look at her body like omg
Omg whis my girlfriend was an Hennie
by Bob 2.april February 24, 2017
One who constantly asks for it.

Also see asking for it, and humpalicious
I will hump Henni.
by i need to poo January 25, 2009