A basic bitch that’ll make you laugh. You will need her in the hardest times, a boy attracter/ girl attracter. She can be selfish at sometimes, but be generous the next. A beautiful person. You may have fights with a Hennys but trust me, you’ll love a hennys in one minute
Stacy: my friend is such a Hennys!

A guy: I wish I had a hennys!!
by a.emotional.egirl October 6, 2019
someone with a big chest and broad shoulders.
usually muscular.
big in appearance
did u see how henni that boys arms were
by joe aka allday September 22, 2006
It is generally said after you say something you don't mean.

Sarcastic gesture
hey, you done you homework
yehhh.... henny.
by flame1570 December 7, 2009
Having homosexual tendacies despite living a hetrosexual lifestyle. Often involved in sports or the military.
That muscled guy in the speedo is a real hennie
by bob April 8, 2004
When you do a pretty fucking shit TP that somehow works in Valorant
by Rxbsi April 21, 2021
When a guy, drunk off of Hennessy, is fucking a girl and won't cum because he's got henny dick.
I was fucking this bitch for like 4hrs straight off that henny dick last night.
by HennythingGoes March 3, 2019
One who sips straight Henny, usually over the rocks(ice) and out of a small 4 to 6 ounce glass.
"Teflon is the material for the imperial.. mic ripper, girl stripper, the Henny Sipper.."

Lame Friend: "Damn, you've been drinkin Hennessy for 7 hours now and you seem fine!"
TZ: "Oh Hell yeah, just call me the Henny Sipper.."
by TZ January 19, 2005