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The biggest embarrassment and piece of shit whore ever introduced to the music industry. She dresses like a prostitute that is dropped off nightly at the local red-light district to work for the money that she obviously can't earn through her shitty singles. Everytime she's on tv she looks high as a fucking kite, or fucking drunk. She wears clothing that look like shit rags used to wipe a person's ass with, and her hair is like a wig that has been throw in a big ass garbage can for 3 years, rotted, and throw in a damn wood chipper. Her and Justin Beiber were both meant for eachother, they both suck ass.
Ke$ha sounds like a squirrel dying combined with nails being dragged down a chalkboard and some old 55 year old man taking a massive dump.
by thisissteveward May 16, 2010
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Hempfield Area Highschool is a school that openly welcomes students of 3 distinct types; white trailer trash heavily addicted drug addicts, normal people, and the stick up the ass rich people who refuse to be friends with you based on outward appearance.

The school is a complete dump, smells bad inside, and continues to fall apart every day. Instead of fixing the school itself, the school board decided to spend over 10 million on the reconstruction on a football field and field house, all for a football team that can't play football for shit, and win one damn game the entire season.

The teachers there can't teach to save their life. They just don't have the brain capacity to do so.

An everyday ritual is a fight in the cafeteria.

A bomb threat is called in at least once a month. Instead of sending the students home to prevent them from being killed, they evacuate the school and put them on the bleachers outside . . . Where a bomb would most likely be placed underneath there.

You can listen to music on your ipod in study hall. You can even choose to sleep. But you can't play games on your ipod. Wtf.

Your not allowed to hug anyone; its a pda thats considered by teachers on the level of rape.

If your a freshman, your an automatic piece of shit.

If your a senior, you do what you want and just don't give a fuck.

The school is just a hell hole that is sinking deeper and deeper.
"Wow Drake, that girl I went on a date with last night, she was really messed up."

"Oh jeese Luke, sounds like she went to Hempfield."
by thisissteveward May 13, 2010
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