an alternate spelling of "jeeze", a mild oath, sometimes considered profanity
jeese dude, you totally just blocked the TV!
by fusinfun July 6, 2009
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this is another word for Jesus it could be used in many ways to describe someone or something.
Jeese your hot.
Jeese i do need some chocolate
by Sofii Babby February 5, 2009
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The buying and/or consumption of two or more "Joose". (Energy drink containing 9.9% alcohol by volume. Usually found in the hand of a "homie")
I'm going to the liquor store to get a 30 pack and a flock of Jeese.
by BYoudon'tknowme August 14, 2010
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another way to say oh jeese or oh my god. you can us it in any fourm to replace the words oh jeese or oh my god.
you lost a book

"on jeese i cant find my book"

your teacher says something you dont like
"un jeese miss(mister)"
by a sudent November 10, 2009
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