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Derivative of the plant Cannabis containing a very small amount of Delta-9 THC (the active incredient of Marijuana). It can be used for many things, including being woven into jewelry, sails, paper, clothing, rope, and more. A potential substitute for fossil fuels that is renewable. Is grown quickly and takes few chemicals to grow or turn into paper, so it is a far better source for paper than trees. Also, the seeds contain more protein than any other natural non-meat food. Basically, an all purpose plant that is illegal because the US government is racist.
The first law about the plant Cannabis was a law in Virginia proclaiming that all households had to grow at least one plant to be used for boats, etc.
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a term used to refer to varieties of cannabis sativa grown for industrial (non-drug purposes). varieties approved for industrial use have very low THC content; the main psychoactive cannabinoid. varieties cultivated for recreational or medicinal uses have higher concentrations of THC, but generally have poor fiber quality and are therefore not used industrially.
hemp has many uses, some of which are:


hemp cultivation is regulated in some countries, and outlawed in others (much like varieties of cannabis used for recreational or medicinal drug use).
hemp is not synonymous with marijuana, weed, ganja, mary jane etc.
whilst THC is present in all cannabis plant varieties to a certain extent, the THC levels in hemp are minute and have little intoxicating effects.
so unless your dealer is trying to scam you, he won't be selling you an ounce of hemp. you buy hemp from hemp factories, not from drug dealers.
by abbas224 June 24, 2007
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Many people may not know it, but hemp is the most versatile plant in the world.

Some of its uses include textiles, fuel, paper, food and fiber.

Marijuana derives from the bud, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, which is the main excuse for the illegalization of hemp.

It has an interesting relationship with the law. The government used to allow people to pay their taxes with hemp, however it is outlawed in most countries.

If hemp was made legal worldwide, it could potentially reverse global warming.
Read "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer for more information about hemp.
by blahzay September 17, 2007
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you retard. you don't smoke hemp.
retard 1 : im goning to smoke hemp

smart one 1: you cant fucking smoke hemp
by smart one October 04, 2006
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A weed. Natural to the environment in one form or other from north to south pole. All forms have a dose of THC (active ingredient in pot).It is the only plant to exist in every ecosphere this world has to offer. Worms have that characteristic as well.

Forms of hemp may someday be used as fodder to Terra form an alien world. It can survive in all Earths elements. Lives fast, dies nutrient rich, has many offspring. Born to be wild and survive!

I can imagine what forms of hemp will exist in 2100. I can already see money being spent on "herbal genetic manipulation". That and animal DNA manipulation... Lets just hope the manipulation and natural selection don't interfere with each other.

Some form of hempwill feed the worlds hungry first. Then, to provide oxygen and food for long distance space journeys, a form of hemp will be developed.

For those relaxing, romantic comet tours, a bowl of "plutonium Nyborg" Weed (Super high potency THC, grown on mars) Wow. I won't be alive to see this come to light, however the genetic manipulation of plant species (and animal *shudder*) are begining now.
"Everybody must get stoned".

Hemp was a major pharmaceutical prior to legislation against it in 1933

Smoke the evil weed
by meinbcbud September 18, 2006
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Ethiopian slang word for a saggy old lady vagina. Another word for an unattractive woman.
ugh! did you see that girl in our current events class?! she's a TOTAL hemps!
by keeks93 July 04, 2011
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