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An oxygen-transporting substance in blood. It's an iron-containing protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen around the body.
1. Vampires suck blood, hemoglobin and all!

2. His blood is chock full o' hemoglobin.
by Kippiing September 15, 2008
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The God of everything! He is powerful. Hemoglobin comes down from the top of his trash can in the sky every century, and assumes the form of anything he wants. Recently he came to us in the form of a pigeon. He has touched many in many different ways, often giving powers. Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, The Fantasic Four, Flash, SUPER ALEX and SUPER DINA, and The Green Lantern are a few. Their stories were made up to cover Hemo's tracks. However, there is some truth to them. The spider that bit Spiderman, also Hulk and Superman but wasn't shown, was Hemoglobins involvments. Hemoglobin founded every country ever, except France because French suck. He built every bomb, every gun, made Adam and Eve, built the universe, and before he left us again, he put a part of him in the Mystical Cat Food Bin. So that is the location of where we worship him daily.
Alex~ Do you know the magical powers of Hemoglobin?
James~ Yes, I was there that day, we met him remember?

Alex~ Matt, do you know Hemoglobin?
Matt~ Hemoglobin sucks you fucking retard!
(Hemoglobin destroys matt with a sniper rifle powerful enough only for Hemoglobin.)
by Hemoglobin Messiah January 01, 2008
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An insult used to interupt someone who is talking or is about to talk. ... A phrase used to yell at people out of a car window, to confuses less inteligent street walkers
1 Frankie: Havign sex with dophin's is fu... Tom: hemoglobin
2 CBO: yea yea yea hemoglobin
3 Rew: *driving down the street*yelling at some dumb fuck Fucking hemoglobin

by MAD-Roger October 06, 2006
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