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A girl who is shy at first, but very playful and great when you get to know her. Often Helens are used by people.

Helen's are usually very smart and talented.

They are secretively very sensitive and are likely to remember bad things you did to them.

Helen's and beautiful but a lot of people do not realize it because her beauty is hidden by glasses or out shined by her friends who are more noticable due to their big personality, while Helens are shy.

Helen never steals boyfriends, and if she also has a crush on someone her friend likes, she will let her friend like him, get over him, and try to set them up.

There are a lot of things you do not know about Helens. Sometimes they can keep sad secrets. Once you meet a Helen, you should really try to get to know them because they are awesome.
Girl: Wow, I thought Helen was a bitch because that's what Katie said, but she's so nice!

Girl 2: Ikr!
by Lilly foster May 08, 2013

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