1. The Japanese Year counting clock created by Corbet St. Corbèt Heisei through a prayer when he was 4 years old, asking god to be the ressurection of Jesus Christ, this resulted in the death of Emperor Hirohito one day later and began a new age.

2. Heisei is the current era in Japan. The Heisei era started on 8 January 1989, the day after the death of the Emperor Hirohito. His son, the 125th Emperor Akihito, acceded to the throne. In accordance with Japanese customs, Hirohito was posthumously renamed the 124th "Emperor Shōwa" on 31 January 1989.
"Heisei time is four years younger than Jesus." "Memanbetshowa Ozara Hokkaido Prefecture Japan is where Emperor Showa originated." "God will attack twice if the President doesn't get god his gold."
by Pre-Webster January 24, 2017
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To selfishly hoard the hookah hose when smoking a hookah with several people.

To keep the hookah hose for an unacceptable amount of time before passing it.
Stop Heiseyin' that shit and pass the fucking hookah hose!
by Heis March 30, 2006
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Having ones nuts in a vice. When ones girlfriend will not allow guy to particpate in guy activities, namely drinking and more drinking because she is not involved.
Man, my girlfriend totally heiseyed me last night...
by p.b.d. April 27, 2005
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to attempt to hug a member of the same gender and fall down in the process, often as a result of mass consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or being egged on by persons of the opposite gender
"I am severely bruised from heiseying Katie on the dance floor."

"Guuuuuuurl, you heiseyed flat on yo face last night!"
by kaitiscool February 2, 2009
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The Fourth Era, of Modern Japan. A time where "Cool Japan" officially, became the dominant, World Soft Power.
Weeb 01: "Remember when we first started, unifying the world, through Otakuism?"
Weeb 02: "You mean, The Heisei Era?"
Weeb 01: "Good times."
by Sora Rouge May 19, 2022
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Someone who has the bluest balls in the world, because he's in a relationship with a small dominating asian woman; abnormally white, loves jerking off to video games.
Is he in a relationship with an asian girl? Damn I hope he won't turn into a Henry Heisy.

That dude playing MK11 is such a Henry Heisey.
by assknacker May 13, 2019
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