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1. The Japanese Year counting clock created by Corbet St. Corbèt Heisei through a prayer when he was 4 years old, asking god to be the ressurection of Jesus Christ, this resulted in the death of Emperor Hirohito one day later and began a new age.

2. Heisei is the current era in Japan. The Heisei era started on 8 January 1989, the day after the death of the Emperor Hirohito. His son, the 125th Emperor Akihito, acceded to the throne. In accordance with Japanese customs, Hirohito was posthumously renamed the 124th "Emperor Shōwa" on 31 January 1989.
"Heisei time is four years younger than Jesus." "Memanbetshowa Ozara Hokkaido Prefecture Japan is where Emperor Showa originated." "God will attack twice if the President doesn't get god his gold."
by Pre-Webster January 24, 2017
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