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When you describe a hypothetical scenario (from a fans perspective), that it requires you to explain through a reality warper's PoV.
Some OP Cosmic Narrator: "Hwut If... Johnny Yong Bosch read Lady Satsuki's Speech, at a convention?"
by Sora Rouge December 23, 2021
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Japan's longest serving Prime Minister, as of September 2020(Reiwa 2). Implemented and coined, an economic policy, after himself: "Abenomics".
Prime Minister Shinto Abe announced the _Games of the xxxii Olympaidd_ (TOKYO 2020), at Games of the _Games of the xxxi Olympaidd_ (RIO 2016).
by Sora Rouge April 26, 2022
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The Fourth Era, of Modern Japan. A time where "Cool Japan" officially, became the dominant, World Soft Power.
Weeb 01: "Remember when we first started, unifying the world, through Otakuism?"
Weeb 02: "You mean, The Heisei Era?"
Weeb 01: "Good times."
by Sora Rouge May 19, 2022
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