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1. The empress's daughter's new title for herself, as of 2018 September 2, the day she spoke with the living god about the equality of being like a princess.

2. A guaranteed Pre-Webster word, or a word soon to be in the dictionary.

3. An emperor's daughter who titled her self.
"The emprences had a voice at the table of empresses and queens."
by Pre-Webster September 02, 2017
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1. The Japanese Year counting clock created by Corbet St. Corbèt Heisei through a prayer when he was 4 years old, asking god to be the ressurection of Jesus Christ, this resulted in the death of Emperor Hirohito one day later and began a new age.

2. Heisei is the current era in Japan. The Heisei era started on 8 January 1989, the day after the death of the Emperor Hirohito. His son, the 125th Emperor Akihito, acceded to the throne. In accordance with Japanese customs, Hirohito was posthumously renamed the 124th "Emperor Shōwa" on 31 January 1989.
"Heisei time is four years younger than Jesus." "Memanbetshowa Ozara Hokkaido Prefecture Japan is where Emperor Showa originated." "God will attack twice if the President doesn't get god his gold."
by Pre-Webster January 24, 2017
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The alias Corbet Stevens uses as his handle on Urban Dictionary.
Pre-Webster defines the defintion of putting urban in suburban.
by Pre-Webster January 27, 2017
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1. A Group of four South American Country's created by the living God for a future Project, after completion of Africa, the Tit Tax Toe will be built by Christ Global World Industry Empires in South America.

2. The forecasted re-nationing of S.A. In the shape of a women with angel wings like an axe and a foot at the base of the continent explains the Projects title the Tit Tax Toe of South America.
"The only thing better than the cats ass is the tit tax toe"
by Pre-Webster January 24, 2017
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