A high school teacher with large breasts and a ghetto booty.
My econ teacher is such a heimerdinger.
by Karly Gelardi December 15, 2007
A Heimerdinger is a comparatively miniscule male genitalia in which the operator of aforementioned genitalia has pubic hair completely surrounding it.
That guy last night had a Heimerdinger.
by ThickCrackery67 December 29, 2018
a person who's name is Madmaxx on discord
He is such a Heimerdinger.
by tthieves September 28, 2021
heimerdinger is a league of legends character he places down turrets and everyone hates him he is probably one of the most hated characters in the game and plz nerf
heimerdinger is so annoying with all of his turrets he can fuck off
by league player 1 October 1, 2021
A league of legends character added back in 2009 as one of the original champions
by nutellachan September 29, 2021