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A heffalump is a creature mentioned in the Winnie the Pooh stories. Original books depict heffalumps as looking very much like elephants. Pooh and Piglet fear heffalumps, and in an attempt to cover their fears they attempt to bravely capture a heffalump in a trap. But no heffalumps are ever caught in their trap, and indeed no heffalump is ever met within the course of the books aside from those that appear in Pooh’s nightmares, wherein they are very fierce and are intent on stealing Pooh’s honey.

A heffalump has also become a term of abuse for a fat person and or oaf, similar to Jabba, as in Jabba The Hutt.
That heffalump simply can't play Jenga what what.
by Sam May 30, 2004
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an extroadinarily fat/large/obeese and sometimes unattractive/homely person.
That heffalump sat on the chair and it broke!

Why are seven of my ribs broken? Well that would be because yesterday, a heffalump sat on me...
by heffalumphaterz September 12, 2011
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A cute cuddly orange elephant with a mischievous personality. They have crinkly ears and flowers on their back. The can be found looking out of office windows but their favourite location is sitting on a stump.
What’s that cute thing looking out of that office windows. Awww, it’s one of those Heffalumps
by Heffalump Owner March 20, 2009
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The act of spreeding ones butt cheeks and vomiting into their open ass.
"That G needs a good heffalumping"
"I'd like to heffalump into that ass"
by Stryfe February 18, 2005
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(n., pl.) Sneaky little buggers that steal common household objects and then relocate them, usually somehwere in or under the couch.
"Where IS that remote? Damn Heffalumps..."
by popsiclesshouldbethenewblack<3 October 20, 2011
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An obess ogre looking hob-a-long who's only contributions to the team is taken up space, smells like farts and cheese.
Heffalump says she's carrying the team but that's a lie.
by Abbicadabbi July 27, 2017
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