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Honest direct message; commonly used on twitter or other social media sites.
SaltKing: hdm?
by thehappyblonde_03 February 08, 2015
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German Slang for "Halt Dein Maul"
it´s like "shut the fuck up"
Uwe: Hey! You´re playing like a noob!

Marc: HDM bitch!
by f0!n June 27, 2005
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(N) Hot Dutty Mess. A person or a thing that is a shameful wreck and embarrassing to be around or look at.
Person A: " Did you see Shawndreequa's weave?"
Person B " Yee boom, it was an HDM"
by BitchYouDontKnowMe April 15, 2011
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High Deff Movement. It's a small word who created by HDM Brotherz
What's up guys,HDM is here!
by Nbeisha September 24, 2016
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