Hayle is nice and smart but she can be a bit naughty sometimes and pretty, sometimes can even be a bit not selfcontrol. she tries not to give up on her friends, family and on her achievements.
Hayle: I will try my best to not give up on things I love.
DJ: why don't you just give for once in your life?
Hayle: Because in my life I think giving up on things that are important for me like friends and family is horrible to give up on who gives!!
Dj: I Guess you're right giving up on things you love is really horribly wrong.
by Davidhayk April 8, 2017
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A kind, sweet,gorgeous girl with a big booty but doesn't enjoy when people only compliment that and nothing else. A girl that cares about what others think. She over thinks it when she talks to a guy. Her best friend is in love with her and she acts like she doest notice when she really does. She can be stuck up at times but she will always be nice. She has a hard time talking to people she's really shy.
Guy1: did you see hayle today, I wonder if she'll actually talk to me.

Guy2: I don't know man but go for it she's totally hot.
by Alex0101 December 18, 2017
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An unusual big women that’s usually a slob
Hayle stop being a slob at the table
by Josh caltrops May 3, 2021
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A hardened industrial town in the South West of the UK with three miles of golden sand and surf. Has the best ice cream shop between Land’s End and John OGroats. A small corner of a little island in the east Atlantic that led the World to the Industrial Revolution.
I've just been to Hayle and back!
by HayleiswhereitsAt February 15, 2010
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the most amazing person in the world the best friend you could ever wish for. personally I think her boyfriend can be a bit of a noob but ahah well. Also hayles takes waay too long doing her hair. AND SHES NOT FAT!
JR: woaaa look at Hayles
Barney: id tap that.
Foggy: Boys,Ive tapped that ;-)
by Bethany Lauren March 27, 2009
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A way cool girl that owns a hot tub.
and has a cool neighbor!!
by her way cool neighbor January 3, 2005
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