Is a hot and sexy girl but knows how to love and can be trusted with anything

Everyone would want to be with Haydee
I want a Haydee
by shaghsud November 12, 2015
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A fine as bitch. Throughbread baller who knows how to hold it down.
Damn! How did you get that Haydee? I've heard of Haydees before but never thought all that beauty and power could exist in one tight fine woman!
by Bigmammq November 24, 2016
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Haydee is an exotic girl with a “chill” air surrounding her. She an interesting person and can be very unpredictable. She is hoot to be around with her adventurous personality and killer looks. Not to mention she is really smart and funny. Her confidence and her ambition gets her very far and if she sets her mind on something, she does it. And really well at that. Everything and everyone she touches turns to gold with her angel like charm. The girl is hella independent and can handle anything you throw at her. If you know a Haydee, you best treat her like the queen she is.
Person 1: Honestly you should have seen her, she is beautiful, inside and out.
Person 2: She be a Haydee.
by CookiesandCommonSense July 02, 2018
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A girl who is loyal and smart. She’s laid back & chill.. doesn’t care what people think of her! If you ever find a haydee make sure not to lose her because that would be a very big mistake
Damn you know Haydee?”
“Yea she’s fine asf and has the best personality!!!”
via giphy
by blukka118 August 11, 2018
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haydee a kinky girl with whips and chains,
ooo thats kinky haydee
what do u mean?
i mean u and ur whips and chains :P
i no im a naughty girl
by G.adams07 October 08, 2007
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Haydee the love of my life💝💖I cant live without her she everyday to me💝💖 I want to be with her for ever💝she to cute to evan like me💝💖she the love my life she so freakin’ cute💝💖I want to Mary her💝💖💍
Haydee love my life💝💖
by Mallllllllllllllllllllklllllll November 16, 2018
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