to be overtaken or surpassed
My youtube video just hawked yours in views.

During the race that guy hawked you for the win.
by Noodle7 January 13, 2009
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Verb: to be overtaken by someone with greater speed than you in a very swift and quick fashion.
John gets hawked by 5th graders on the reg.
by Lolcatz Incorporated September 14, 2011
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The term used when you know for a fact that someone has stolen some of your food, but you don't know who it is. Even if you do know who it is, you couldn't blame them because they've stolen it so well that they could just deny it.

A slice of cheese, some wafer thin ham, a few cocktail sausages. All items that can be easily hawked if you know what you are doing.
Who's hawked my bread?
Someone's been in my freezer shelf and hawked a mars ice-cream.
There's been some serious hawking going on recently.
by Bashwipe Co. March 15, 2017
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When playing Call of Duty, you kill an enemy by hitting him with a stun grenade, rendering him as useful on the battlefield as Stephen Hawking.
John: Dude, I just killed that guy by hitting him with a stun grenade.

Henry: He just got Hawked!
by walrus 789 June 7, 2010
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Short for Stephen Hawkinged , the feeling one receives after a large rush of nicotine, causing ones head to fall onto one of their shoulders.
Bro, that juul hit had me hawked🤙🏻
by bettyphucter December 11, 2018
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The act of flying a Blackhawk helicopter whilst erratically changing altitudes and airspeeds causing difficulty for subsequent chalks to maintain any type of formation flight that would resemble that of a professional Army/Navy/Air Force Aviator.
Did you see Carl in flight lead last night? He was hawking so bad we almost got sick!
by CoCWOO July 26, 2019
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This nice asshole is from MHA and loves food. Did I mention he can also fly?
Jenny: Hawks is a sweet bitch
by Denkitori July 3, 2020
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