The most loyal friend you will ever have the fortune to meet. Hattys are very sensitive but LOVE to have a good time. Hattys are so trustworthy and will always keep your secrets. Sometimes they can give you away with out meaning to but because they are so nice you forgive them straight away. Hattys are so funny and very pretty and stunning. They aren't afraid to try something new and meet new people. Basically Hattys are the best friends you can get and will be an awesome friend for life.
Lucy: I'm upset.
Hatty: I loveyou bestfriends
Lucy: That makes it all better :P
by LittleRave January 25, 2009
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The act of doing something clumsy. Tends to be used with the word 'bloody' as the lead in.
Person 1: <Drops a cup of water>
Person 2: "You just did a Hatty"
Person 3: "Bloody Hatty"
by SempaiBC March 16, 2011
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Hatty is a word that popped up in the East Melbourne ghetto in Victoria, Australia. It is short for 'Hat-Full-Of-Arseholes' which is a way of telling someone they are more than one arsehole (NOTE: If you don't live in Australia, London or any other place that uses the word arse, it is just our way of saying ass).
'Yo, brutha! I'ma ice yo ass, mo'fucka!'

'Get fucked, Hatty! I'ma kill you foo!'
by Jacob Pantich November 23, 2004
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Cruel, endearing, English darling. See snob.
JOmolA: "I am voting conservitive and am pro-establishment."
Aaragon: "You are such a Hatty."
Jomola: "Huh?"
by Ho September 09, 2003
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A very cute, funny, & confusing guy. Easy to fall in love with yet easy to hate and get in your feelings about them. Is loyal but takes forever to text you back😒 the name hatty is usually a nickname for Hatteras. Is lowkey a fuckboy
I lowkey like Hatty, but he prolly wont ever like me back :(
by exposingthotties January 18, 2017
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An abbreviation to the world Hatfield, which is a delightful town located in Hertfordshire, England
Person 1: "Hey, Where do you live?"
Person 2: "Oh, I live in Hatty"
by I am SAXBY. February 27, 2011
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A beautiful young lady who is talented, smart,and very funny. She has the best sense of humor and is the life of the party. She sometimes can be a bit of a wallflower and doesn't say anything. But with the friends she does have, they love her. You do not want to make her mad.
"Look at her with her humor and all her friends. She is so awesome."
- "Well duh man- she's Hattie."
by rainbowunicorn77 April 13, 2015
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